A memory by Gene Mizdail ’88

“Look out the Window”

It was a Thursday, just a few years after 9-11. People were still on the edge from the tragic loss of so much life lost at that event now over 20 years ago. I looked out the window to see a rather large mysterious looking box. I could tell right away something was strange as campus security was investigating. At the same time, my wife and her friend were walking into my office as they were attending a concert that night at the Luhrs Center. It was late in the day and my co-workers and I were busy preparing a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming report for our higher level management. We would soon all have to evacuate the campus and would have to wait until we received an “All Clear” allowing us to return. Everything worked out safely that day. My wife and her friend would make it to the concert and enjoy a show in a safe atmosphere. I enjoyed many concerts over the years at Heiges Field House, Luhrs Center, and a few other places around the Shippensburg Community, but I was happy this day my wife and her friend made it to that concert in a safe environment. Shippensburg University taught me the qualities of life, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to campus years later and return those qualities to others. I am so thankful we have people that will do the right thing to preserve everyone’s safety so everyone can enjoy what they enjoy. But always look “Out the Window” so you know what is going on.


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